• It will participate in the 17th edition of the Rally of Morocco from 1st to 7th October
  • The first and only electric vehicle to successfully complete a qualifying event in the international FIA calendar
  • The 1,800-km Rally of Morocco will attract the main competitors of this year’s edition of the Dakar

ACCIONA, a leading provider of sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects worldwide, will compete for a second time with the ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered in the Rally of Morocco, where the company has developed large-scale projects such as the Concentrating Solar Power plant at Ouarzazate or the drinking water plant at Oum Azza.

To embark on this new challenge, the electronic systems that demonstrated their efficiency in the last edition of the Dakar will be maintained, as they suffered no damage during the rally: seven high-performance battery packs, the incorporation of photovoltaic solar panels into the roof of the vehicle, four-wheel-drive and a sequential gearbox that optimizes the performance of the highly efficient electric motor (equivalent to 300 HP).

Ariel Jatón, an experienced figure in the world of motorsport, has competed in the Dakar Rally on a number occasions and will drive for ACCIONA again in 2017. Jatón won the Rally Cross Country in Argentina and has worked on the construction and development of the electric vehicle from the start. Tito Rolón will join him as navigator in Morocco. 

The presence of the ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered in the Rally of Morocco reinforces ACCIONA’s role as an ambassador in the fight against climate change. With this initiative, the company aims to increase awareness of the great problem of emissions, in addition to demonstrating the potential of non-polluting renewable energies as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Coincidentally, Morocco will host the Global Summit on Climate Change (COP22) in November, where the agreement signed in Paris last year by 195 countries is expected to be ratified.




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