• Partnership: The 325 units already sent to OK Mobility are included on an agreement that contemplates the sale of 5,800 'nanocars' and 700 motorcycles over the next three years

Silence, ACCIONA's electric vehicle brand, today delivered 325 units of the Silence S04 to OK Mobility, a global mobility company with a presence in more than thirteen countries with a network of 55 OK Stores. These vehicles, already sent to OK Mobility, are part of an agreement, exclusively for its business segment, that envisages the sale of 5,800 nanocars and 700 S01 motorcycles over the next three years, with a total investment of €100 million.

OK Mobility's fleet of S04s will initially be deployed in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca and Malaga, with the aim of extending the service to other European cities where the company operates in the future.

The values and goals shared by both brands, including a commitment to promoting sustainability and facilitating urban mobility, are key factors that have led OK Mobility to make the commitment to acquire ACCIONA’s vehicles. As a result of the agreement reached, the global mobility company further strengthens its intention to continue advancing steps in the process of the electrification of its fleet and to meet the urban micro mobility needs of its customers.

The ceremony for the delivery of the first batch of these four-wheeled electric vehicles took place today at the Royal Nautical Club in Barcelona and was attended by the CEO of OK Mobility, Othman Ktiri, and the CEO of Silence and Acciona Mobility, Carlos Sotelo.

The agreement between the two brands goes beyond a mere supply of vehicles, as they seek complementarity to develop a business for the new challenges posed by urban mobility. The next step will include the integration of Silence's app within OK Mobility's platform, in order to make the customer's purchase experience unique and seamless.

In his speech, Ktiri emphasized that “this agreement goes beyond expanding our mobility offering. It is about introducing a new and revolutionary concept within the sector with which we respond to many of today's challenges. As a global mobility brand, at OK Mobility we want to provide our customers with support for their urban micro-mobility needs; and if we do so in a sustainable way, we will have fulfilled a dual purpose. The agreement reached today is the result of the passion for mobility of two 100% Spanish companies that share the same objective: to lead the change towards a smarter and more sustainable mobility".

Sotelo said that ACCIONA "shares the same objective as OK Mobility, which is none other than to facilitate a sustainable and zero-emissions people's mobility. We believe that we have the best electric vehicles for the services provided by OK Mobility, because thanks to the connectivity of all our vehicles the user experience is magnificent, as everything can be handled from the customer's mobile phone."



The Silence S04 nanocar combines technology and a compact size to create a four-wheeled vehicle that is 100% electric and specially designed for urban driving. The two-seater model –which offers the safety and comfort of a car with the agility of a motorcycle– paves the way to the urban mobility of the future with a comfortable, safe, sustainable vehicle that is also easy to park due to its small size.

The comfort of the S04 goes beyond parking ease, as it is specially designed to optimize the interior space. The two seats have a staggered arrangement, which provides spaciousness and greater freedom of movement to the occupants. The trunk, with a capacity of 247 liters, can store shopping bags or two passengers’ usual luggage.

The first version on the market is the L7e, equipped with two batteries, which offers 14kW of power, reaches 85km/h and has a homologated range of 149 kilometers. This will be followed later on by the L6e, the version without a driving license requirement, with one battery and 6kW of power, which reaches a maximum speed of 45km/h.

The batteries are removable and come with wheels and a handle for convenient and safe trolley-like transport. In addition to charging the batteries directly in the vehicle, this model also makes it possible to remove them and charge them easily from any socket.