• With a total floor area of 18,318m2, ACCIONA and Avintia Construction will contribute their construction experience and innovative management and administrative processes
  • The project involves construction of a six-storey building that will house various specialist units, hospital wards and emergency, surgery and delivery rooms

ACCIONA, through ACCIONA Construction, and Avintia Construction, the construction firm of Grupo Avintia, will build the new Quirónsalud hospital in the city of Córdoba. Their experience of constructing healthcare infrastructures, as well as their proprietary management and administration processes, has been recognised by the country’s leading hospital group in selecting them to construct its latest centre in Andalusia.

The project, located close to the Avenida del Aeropuerto de Córdoba, involves construction of a six-storey building (basement, ground floor and four upper floors) covering a total of 18,318 m2. The new centre will house an outpatient clinic for specialisations such as traumatology, cardiology, gynaecology and paediatrics, among others, as well as hospitalisation, surgery, maternity and emergency care units. ACCIONA Construction and Avintia Construction will contribute all of their experience of constructing and managing healthcare infrastructures to deliver the highest standards of quality and safety, consolidating their position at the forefront of the sector.

“ACCIONA will bring its experience of developing accessible, efficient and innovative healthcare infrastructures to this project, ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental sustainability”, said Maximiliano Muñoz, Southern Region Manager at ACCIONA Construction. “ACCIONA applies the strictest sustainability principles when designing, constructing and maintaining buildings, taking into account factors such as the location, materials, processes and energy savings”.

“Quirónsalud’s decision to select Avintia Construction to construct its first hospital in Córdoba is highly significant” said Jesús García, General Manager for Construction at Grupo Avintia, who went on to add that “this project will help consolidate the company in the field of service-related building construction”.

Every Avintia Construction project focuses on searching for new ways to create value for the company, whether through investment, social development or new technologies, engaging all of its engineering, management, control and execution processes across each project.