• ACCIONA will supply and install energy monitoring equipment in a number of Madrid City Council buildings to optimise their energy consumption, reduce costs and minimise pollutant gas emissions

Madrid City Council has chosen ACCIONA Service to install energy consumption monitoring equipment at a number of municipal facilities with high energy consumption, including office buildings and sports and cultural centres. The City will obtain detailed real-time information about energy consumption at the facilities, which will enable it to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The buildings whose energy consumption is to be monitored include some of the city's landmarks, such as the Cibeles Palace (Madrid's City Hall) and the Conde Duque Cultural Centre.

By monitoring and analysing the data, Madrid City Council will be able to reduce gas and electricity consumption, save on costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which should reduce pollution in the city, without the need for additional investment.  

Francisco Conesa, Head of Energy Efficiency at ACCIONA Service: 'Monitoring provides data on consumption patterns, energy losses, efficiency failures, etc., enabling specific rapid interventions to address problems and improve energy use habits. This initiative is environmentally and economically sustainable,providing a very rapid return on investment. These actions have a multiplier effect, since the process of educating users of these public buildings may have an impact on their habits in their personal lives and be transmitted to their homes, family members, etc.'

ACCIONA, whose business model is based on the green economy (production and supply of 100% renewable energy, efficient management of water and infrastructure, and sustainable services), has over 10 years' experience in optimising energy efficiency for clients by providing technological and procedural innovations; its Building Control Centre provides the ability to monitor and manage a building's energy consumption in real time, alerting about anomalous consumption patterns, providing recommendations for energy use in line with weather conditions, etc.