• The ACCIONA Microenergy Foundation's 'Luz en Casa' Centres are among the 10 most innovative social initiatives of 2016 selected by Compromiso Empresarial magazine in cooperation with CAF – Development Bank of Latin America.

The initiative was chosen by Compromiso Empresarial magazine, in conjunction with CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, as one of the top 10 innovative social initiatives of 2016, out of 350 candidates from Spain and Latin America.

Plans for the 'Luz en Casa' Centres were developed when a survey of the impact of the 'Luz en Casa' Programme in Cajamarca (Peru) revealed that very few homes used electricity for applications other than lighting due to the difficulty of finding efficient compatible appliances of suitable quality and at an affordable price.

To address this problem, the ACCIONA Microenergy Foundation conceived a network of small stores managed by rural entrepreneurs under a franchise model to sell light bulbs, radios, tablet computers, etc., as well as offering an installation and repair service, in communities receiving electricity under the 'Luz en Casa' programme.

In cooperation with the Innovation and Technology for Development Centre at the Technical University of Madrid and the ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation, and with funding assistance from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), the Foundation developed a plan and opened the first 'Luz en Casa' centres in Cajamarca.

The network of 'Luz en Casa' is currently expanding. In addition to the 12 centres in Cajamarca (Peru), additional centres are being set up in Oaxaca (Mexico). This strengthens the 'Luz en Casa' programme management approach, making it more sustainable, by providing users with access to technical assistance where they live and electrical appliances, while also making it possible to establish inclusive businesses that generate earnings for low-income families.