• GOAL: 188 women have gone on a journey on two different ships to boost their leadership training and create synergies, as well as to explore the impact of global warming

The largest women’s expedition to Antarctica, organized by Homeward Bound and ACCIONA, concluded on December 1st after a long voyage in which a total of 188 women were able to see first-hand the devastating effects of global warming.

On two different ships, this group of women, coming from academic fields ranging from astrophysics and mathematics to biology and paleontology, among others, had the opportunity to improve their training and leadership skills over 21 days, in order to tackle one of the planet's main challenges: the fight against climate change.

The first ship, The Ushuaia, departed with 93 women from Ushuaia (Argentina) on November 3rd. On this expedition, the participants were able to explore and gather information on the evolution of the region's landscapes and wildlife, despite the adverse weather conditions that sometimes put the voyage to the test. Four Spanish women participated in this journey: mechanical engineer Hilde Pérez García, ecologist Zaida Ortega, biologist Marga López, and biochemist and geneticist Judit Jiménez.

The second expedition set sail from Puerto Madryn, Argentina, on November 12th aboard the Island Sky, with 95 women. During the voyage, the participants learned in situ about the state of several pioneering scientific research projects. They were also able to get close to glaciers and observe the vulnerable state of numerous animal species due to global warming. Among the participants in this second trip there were three Spaniards: astrophysicist Anna Ferré-Mateu, scientist Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita, and environmental lawyer Sonia Castañeda.

The members of the Homeward Bound program, promoted by ACCIONA, have not only lived a unique experience exploring Antarctica, but have also been immersed in intensive training. Through workshops, conferences, collaborative initiatives and creative sessions, new challenges and projects have been established to bring to the fore women’s essential role in matters of global interest.



The expedition is the culmination of a year of training and knowledge exchange focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so that the participants can bear witness to the critical state of the planet.

This is precisely the objective of the Homeward Bound program: to create an international network of 10,000 female STEMM professionals who will collaborate on projects in various scientific fields and geographical areas, thus giving visibility to women in science, so that they can be leaders with the capacity to influence and make decisions for the solution of challenges such as the climate emergency.

ACCIONA promotes the full inclusion of women in the sectors in which it operates. The company is part of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, which includes the firms that have demonstrated greater transparency and better performance in terms of gender equality worldwide. Furthermore, it is part of the Global Compact's Women's Empowerment Principles initiative to promote gender equality in the workplace. The company also has gender-based recruitment programs that prioritize the identification of female talent.