• ACCIONA Microenergia Peru celebrates the first year of operation of the ‘Centro Luz en Casa’ micro franchises with a review of their impact on their entrepreneurs and users.

One year ago, ACCIONA Microenergia Peru installed the first Centros Luz en Casa, in the homes of the micro entrepreneurs who had been previously trained and advised in sales, entrepreneurial knowledge, management & attention procedures and solving technical failures, to give service in those centres with a micro-franchise model.

During this year, the technician-entrepreneurs have sold 25 radios, 11 tablets, 8 portable DVD, and 215 bulbs to replace those blown. In addition, they are promoting those devices in their mobile stands installed at Cajamarca’s agricultural markets. These professionals sell proved-quality pieces of equipment that are granted for one or two years (depending on the type of product) issuing the corresponding tickets to the clients, in order that they can use it as proof of guarantee if necessary.

Due to the great acceptance of the Centros Luz en Casa, ACCIONA Microenergia Peru has decided to install more shops in other communities. At the same time, it is searching for new products that could be connected to the Solar Home Systems installed with the ‘Luz en Casa’ programme.

Gilmer, entrepreneur from the locality of Vista Alegre (Tumbaden district), says: “Being a technician-entrepreneur is an opportunity for my family and personal growth. Before having this electrical service shop, my income was very low. Nowadays, I’ve got more income and the possibility of improving my children’s feeding and health” Gilmer is in charge of the Centro Luz en Casa-Vista Alegre, being one of his district’s largest sellers.

Cintia Diaz, the ACCIONA Microenergia Peru’s responsible of the Centros Luz en Casa, explains: “Since the creation of the Centros Luz en Casa, these have responded the user needs. They say: I want to have a radio for my panel! or, can I have a TV? and so on… Today our users have easy use devices that are also affordable to their economies”.

The Centros Luz en Casa that are currently in operation were implemented with the “Rural Electrification with Supply and Service Centres” Project. It has been developed by the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation together with the ICAI Engineers for Development foundation and the Technology for Development Centre of the Technical University of Madrid, with co-funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.