• SWPC’s Shuqaiq 3 IWP, built by ACCIONA, will be one of the largest desalination plants in Saudi Arabia, serving 2,000,000 people

Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) and Shuqaiq Three Company for Water’s (S3CW) Shuqaiq 3 IWP desalination plant in Shuqaiq, Jizan region, on the country’s south-west coast, has achieved two million man-hours without Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) as construction passes the 49% completion mark. This achievement reflects the shared priority of SWPC, S3CW and ACCIONA, to risk prevention and Health & Safety measures for all workers on the project.

ACCIONA in close collaboration with S3CW and SWPC has deployed very high HSE standards from the beginning of the project and this achievement is the result of this great effort between all parties.

The actual situation with the spread of Covid-19, has been a big challenge to coordinate the necessaries prevention measures with our productivities goals that allow us to reach the final target complying the contractual dates.

ACCIONA is the EPC contractor for Shuqaiq 3 Independent Water Project (SWRO) desalination plant, which will produce 450,000 cubic meters of potable water per day and as well as for building an important Electrical Special Facility (ESF) to feed the plant and other future installations from the Power Plants in the area.

This plant will provide water to the cities of Abha and Jizan covering a potential population of 2 M inhabitants in this extremely dry region close to Yemen border once it will be completed in October 2021.

The zero Lost Time Injuries record shows the teamwork between all parties: SWPC, S3CW, ACCIONA and all our Subcontractor that from the start of the project have prioritized safety in parallel with the execution of the works.

This important milestone is only a step in the way to complete the project under these high requirements.

Satisfaction will only be total once the project is completed by keeping this index at 0 and meeting all the requirements of the contract.

Jesús García Prieto, ACCIONA Shuqaiq 3 IWP Project Director, stated: This important milestone reflects our high commitment building this kind of vital facilities for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and fulfilling the best Health and Safety standards that guarantee safe conditions for our employees and subcontractors. It is the time to recognize the great effort being made at Shuqaiq by all involved parties highlighting the difficult circumstances of the impact of the Covid-19 worldwide".

Altaf Khan Mohsan-CMIOSH, ACCIONA Shuqaiq 3 IWP Project HSE Manager, expressed his pride by saying:This impressive achievement becomes a reality because of ACCIONA’s ongoing commitment toward the HSE goal (Zero Harm) through its stringent HSE strategies, system and safe processes. ACCIONA management always believes to create Health & Safety culture by promoting safe practices so that at the end of the day everyone goes home safe, in addition Shuqaiq-III team is prioritized the environmental values & maintain the project resources sustainability at its highest stage. The awareness given by the HSE team about the Covid-19 pandemic is remarkable to minimize the consequences on the project.”

Total desalinated water production in the Middle East will be 13 times higher in 2040 than it was in 2014, according to the latest ACCIONA Sustainability Report. In a region with acute water scarcity, demand for desalinated water is being driven by climate change and population growth. Saudi Arabia, which has a population of about 33.4 million, is the world’s third largest per capita consumer of water after the United States and Canada. The country announced last year a national program for rationalizing water consumption in the Kingdom and as part of the Vision 2030, setting ambitious targets that include slashing usage by nearly 24 percent by next year and some 43 percent by the end of the next decade.

ACCIONA desalinates water using the most efficient reverse osmosis technology. The use of this technology emits 6.5 times fewer greenhouse gases than thermal desalination technologies.