• ACCIONA will continue to provide passenger handling services at Barcelona El Prat airport for three years. The contract can be extended for two more years, for annual revenues of 2.3 million euros  

Aena is again counting on ACCIONA Service for passenger handling (embarkation and disembarkation) services in the two terminals at Barcelona El Prat airport, the second busiest in Spain in terms of passenger traffic and one of the top 10 in the world. The contract is for three years, with a possible extension of another two, with total revenues reaching 2.3 million euros.

In the award, Aena has taken into account aspects such as the quality of human resources management, through the management software implemented by the company that improves task planning by managing the mobility of employees within the terminal and reduces the risk of delays in operations.  

ACCIONA Service has been providing passenger handling services at El Prat since 2013.

ACCIONA Service offers a range of services in some of the biggest airports in Europe. For example, handling at Frankfurt Airport (the third busiest in Europe in terms of passenger traffic), and it has recently been awarded the license for Dusseldorf Airport. The company also operates in Spanish airports such as Palma de Mallorca and Gran Canaria.