Authorities and representatives of the Spanish Wind Power Business Association (AEE) visited the sites to coincide with the award of the Prize for the Rural Integration of Wind Power to the town in Navarra.

Today, ACCIONA Energía’s wind farms in Falces (Navarra, northern Spain) were the scene of part of the activities of Global Wind Day 2015 organized by the AEE. During the event, the town’s Mayor was presented with the Eolo 2015 Prize for the integration of wind power into a rural environment. ACCIONA has three wind farms in Falces: Moncayuelo (48 MW), Vedadillo (49.5 MW) and the Vedadillo Experimental Area (9 MW).

The day began with a visit to the Vedadillo wind power complex by a delegation consisting of the President of the AEE, José López Tafall, the Director-General for Industry, Energy and Innovation of the Government of Navarra, Iñaki Morcillo, the Mayor of Falces, Valentín García Olcoz, and present and past town councilors.

They first visited the substation of the wind farm, a building constructed from stone and adobe in the traditional architectural style of the area.

The delegation then went on to the Experimental Area of Vedadillo and learned about the features of the 3-megawatt wind turbines installed there. One of them has a rotor with the biggest diameter currently installed by ACCIONA worldwide (125 meters).

Coinciding with Global Wind Day, a group of Primary and Secondary schoolchildren from Falces also visited the Experimental Area, where they received a talk on wind power and a description of the wind farms.

The next stop was the Civic Center in Falces for an institutional ceremony in which the President of the AEE presented the Mayor with the Eolo 2015 Prize for the Rural Integration of Wind Power.

Global Wind Day is held worldwide in more than 80 countries, highlighting the advantages of wind power for a more sustainable planet.