• The contract has a budget of €42 million

Aguas do Algarve (AdA) has awarded ACCIONA a contract for the operation, upkeep and maintenance of the wastewater treatment systems in the Nascente zone (between Vilamoura and Vila Real de Anto António) in the Algarve region of Portugal, with a budget of close to €42 million. 

Over a period of seven years, ACCIONA will manage 230 kilometres of sewer mains, 72 pumping stations and 44 wastewater treatment plants that serve a population of close to 463,000 people; the company will contribute to improving energy efficiency and optimising the processes involved in wastewater treatment.

ACCIONA has been working with AdA since 1999, and has built a drinking water treatment plant (Alcantarilha) and ten energy-efficient wastewater treatment plants for that authority, including the Albufeira Poente, Companheira, Almargem, Vale de Faro and Faro-Olhão plants. The latter is the first plant in the Iberian Peninsula to use the Nereda® technology, which enhances biological treatment and maximises energy efficiency.

The company has 25 wastewater treatment plants and five drinking water treatment plants in Portugal, serving close to 2.3 million people, almost 25% of the population.

Leading role in Portugal

Outside the Water business, ACCIONA has obtained outstanding contracts in other business areas since it entered the Portuguese market in 1948, including the Amareleja photovoltaic plant, the Alqueva dam, the Infante Dom Henrique Bridge and the Lisbon Oriente station. It also has a significant footprint in the wind power industry, as it owns and operates 17 wind farms in Portugal with a total capacity of 120 MW.

ACCIONA recently reached an agreement with the Vidrala group to supply renewable energy to its two glass packaging production plants in Portugal. ACCIONA has also entered the real estate development business in Portugal with three housing developments planned in Lisbon.