• It is the company’s first contract in the Scandinavian country

ACCIONA Infrastructure, in a consortium with the Italian company Rizzani de Eccher and the Belgian firm BESIX, has been awarded the contract for the Frederikssund Link highway that will cross Denmark’s Roskilde Fjord, worth 989.5 million Danish Krone (approximately €133 million).

The project includes the design and construction of an 8 km dual lane highway, a 1.3 km bridge that is 19.7 m wide and 1 km of local road between the dual carriageway and Lyngerupvej. The new link highway will reduce traffic congestion in the town of Frederikssund and provide an alternative route to the only bridge that currently crosses the fjord.

The technical strength of the bid submitted by the ACCIONA Infrastructure consortium and the excellent work carried out by the consortium’s companies in other Scandinavian projects were key factors to its success. The client for the project, the Highways Department of the Danish Ministry of Transport, placed great value on the experience of the consortium’s companies in other projects, including in the protected nature areas of the EU’s Natura 2000 network that protects specific habitats and biodiversity and includes the area around the new highway. The risk assessment and the management of these risks, starting from the design phase, has been a clear differentiating element that has added value to a highly competent proposal from a technical perspective.

The Frederikssund Link over the Roskilde Fjord is the first contract that ACCIONA Infrastructure has been awarded in Denmark and will help to strengthen its presence in the region, where it is currently the lead contractor on the Follo Line project, the largest railway works in Norway. The contract is worth more than €1 billion and includes construction of an 18 km tunnel, the longest of its type in Scandinavia, which will connect the cities of Oslo and Ski.