The wastewater treatment plants at Kutahya and Akşehir will provide a service for more than half a million people.

ACCIONA Agua has won contracts for the design, construction and start-up of the new wastewater treatment plants at Kutahya and Akşehir, in Turkey, for 25.5 million euros.

The plant at Kutahya will reach a daily treatment capacity of 100,000 m3 and more than 120,000 m3/ day in a second phase. It will provide a service to a population equivalent of 450,000 in the Aegean region in the west of the country.

The contract– in a joint venture with the Turkish company Arbiogaz - also involves the demolition of the old plant. The project is funded by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) of the European Union through the Turkish Ministry for the Environment. The budget is 15.1 million euros and the completion of the construction work is expected in a little more than two years. 

The contract for Akşehir – in Konya province, Central Anatolia (south-east Turkey) – represents a budget of 10.4 million euros, with the project consisting of two phases. The first involves the design, engineering and construction of the plant, with a wastewater treatment capacity of around 15,000 m3 per day to provide a service to a population equivalent of around 65,000. The plant may be extended in a second phase up to 18,000 m3 / day to provide a service to 80.000 people. The project will also cover the construction and rehabilitation of around 36 kilometers of wastewater piping.

ACCIONA Agua, already present in Turkey, was previously selected by the City Council of Foça for the design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant for the city, located in Smyrna province. The project is financed by the first Development Aid Fund (DAF) tranche granted to a Spanish water treatment company in Turkey. The plant has one water line and one sludge line and is designed to treat 15,000 m3 a day, serving a population equivalent of 25,000.