• The alliance strengthens the company’s business of sale of energy to large customers

ACCIONA Energía has signed an alliance with SACI Falabella – the biggest retail store chain in Latin America – to supply almost 100 centers of its brands Sodimac, Falabella, Tottus and Open Plaza in Chile with renewable energy over the next few years. Through the alliance, the company is strengthening its line of business of supplies to large customers in the country, following a previous agreement with Google.

ACCIONA has already started supplying renewable-based electricity to the first stores and six shopping malls of the Falabella group. In 2018, it will add the remaining centers that can feasibly be connected, including the two main distribution centers of Falabella and Sodimac. The energy under the agreement will come from ACCIONA Energía renewables installations in the country.

As ACCIONA Energía General Manager in Chile José Ignacio Escobar explains, the alliance signed with Falabella “will avoid the emission of around 225,000 metric tons of CO2 every year from conventional coal-fired power stations, which are the main cause of global warming and climate change”.

For his part, SACI Falabella CEO Sandro Solari points out that “this agreement not only means a major saving in costs, it also ties in with our efforts in the area of sustainability to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment”.

SACI Falabella is present in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay through five business units (department stores, home improvement stores, supermarkets, real estate and financial services). The company has also linked up with Soriana to jointly develop a chain of home improvement stores (Sodimac) in Mexico and a financial services business (CMR). The company operates 475 stores and 39 shopping malls in Latin America. 


Photo caption: Group Falabella’s retail store in Chile. PHOTO BY FALABELLA.