The service, which begins to be offered today, will incorporate new machinery, 100% electric vehicles and will incorporate sustainable gardening standards. 

ACCIONA begins today to provide the conservation and maintenance service for the green areas and woodland of Cadiz, which it will carry out over the next two years with a further one as an option. ACCIONA will be in charge of gardening and maintenance of green areas, care of road woodland, conservation of parks, dog off-leash areas, hydraulic infrastructures associated with irrigation, etc. 

ACCIONA will bring new machinery and 100% electric vehicles to the service in order to perform maintenance work, as well as half a dozen specialized staff, which will be added to the existing workforce.

ACCIONA Service, as part of its commitment to sustainability, will incorporate sustainable gardening standards into the service. It will minimise the use of chemical products and herbicides as well as enhance the city's tree network by using non-invasive environmental engineering techniques. This will be carried out as part of an Integrated Pest Management Plan, which includes the use of ecological herbicides as an alternative to glyphosate, a less polluting and less invasive product for the soil, as it does not contain residues or heavy metals. 

The company will also implement a trees and green areas software manager. The system will integrate data from the Location Information System, which will allow tracking tasks and incidents, available from mobile devices.

ACCIONA Service provides its experience in cleaning, maintenance, gardening and landscaping services in cities such as Madrid, Segovia and León. It maintains green areas, children's playgrounds, bio-healthy areas and dog leisure areas, as well as emblematic parks, such as the historical parks of Madrid (Parque del Retiro, Alameda de Osuna, Parque del Oeste, Jardines de Sabatini) where it deals with comprehensive conservation, gardening, surveillance, irrigation and consumption management.

Since 2014, ACCIONA has also been responsible for the maintenance of parks and gardens and street cleaning in the municipality of Los Barrios in the city of Cadiz.