• The company adopts a new approach to sustainability with an international campaign in  Spain, Mexico, Chile, United States, Canada and Australia

  • ACCIONA launches invest-intheplanet.com to promote responsible investing

Companies, financial markets, governments and consumers should align their investment decisions with the protection of the planet, ACCIONA says in a new campaign.

The Spain-based renewable energy and infrastructure group believes the practice of sustainability, which the company embraced more than a decade ago, needs to evolve in order to remain relevant. To do so, ACCIONA has launched a new brand campaign that challenges the investment community to re-examine their investment strategies, particularly with regard to their impact on the planet.

The digital media campaign centres on invest-intheplanet.com, a landing site for sustainable investment content as well as contributions from ambassadors who share ACCIONA's vision.

Towards a new concept of sustainability

Sustainability, understood as the equilibrium of social, economic and environmental well-being, remains at the heart of ACCIONA's business model. The company, which became carbon neutral in 2016, centres its activities on the production of renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions, sustainable infrastructure for social progress, and the management of water resources.

These activities are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the UN in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda: SDG 6, ensure clean water and sanitation for all; SDG 7, ensure universal access to affordable, non-polluting energy; and SDG 9, build resilient infrastructure to achieve sustainable development.

Nevertheless, slow progress in arresting climate change has led ACCIONA to urge the investment community to take a step further and support initiatives to mitigate climate change. Adaptation measures may also be necessary to make society more resilient in the face of global warming.  The final goal is to achieve the transformation of current production and consumption patterns towards a low-carbon economy.

ACCIONA hopes to lead this transition by offering its expertise in the design of a better planet. The company seeks to meet the very real needs for infrastructure, water and energy with responsible solutions based on a new approach to business.

Business as Unusual

The global  launch of ACCIONA's new positioning will focusing particularly on some of the company’s key markets, including Spain, Mexico, Chile, United States, Canada and Australia.

It will be rolled out via an advertising campaign designed in two stages, with audio-visual, digital and graphic campaigns.

  • A first stage seeks to pose the question: 'What if the smartest decision was to invest in the planet?' Starting on April 22nd (International Mother Earth Day), the campaign will be broadcast for two weeks, until May 6th.
  • The second campaign stage sends two messages: 'Experts in designing a better planet' and 'There is another way of doing things'. Launched on May 7th, it will run for more than four weeks and end on World Environment Day on June 5th.

With these two messages ACCIONA wants to be known as a company that conducts 'Business as unusual'

Media and channel coverage will be achieved by digital advertising (digital media and video platforms), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram), general and business press, search engine marketing (SEM), and cinemas in strategic cities in each country. All of them will direct viewers to the web site invest-intheplanet.com.

The international campaign will have local brand ambassadors, replicating ACCIONA’s commitment to sharing a global vision with a local commitment in the communities where it operates.

The ambassadors were chosen for their personal commitment to social integration, environmental protection and sustainable progress. That is also the reason why they agreed to participate, after examining the campaign.

Their role will be to amplify the campaign's messages in favour of investing in the planet and to drive the debate, via social media, about the need to do things differently to achieve a better future.

Technical details of the campaign

  • Creative idea and development: McCANN Madrid
  • Audiovisual production: Tesauro
  • Production: Gabe Ibáñez
  • Filming: Entirely in Chile. Images of the Atacama desert and Santiago de Chile (Corp Group and Cruz del Sur buildings and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo), Lagunillas Lake, Valparaiso, Lake Curauma and El Yeso reservoir.
  • Post-production: Some essential features of the audiovisuals were incorporated in post-production, such as the solar panels in El Romero solar farm (Atacama desert), the interior of the Stock Exchange (filmed at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo), bridge+city+lake (Curauma Lake) and wind generators (El Yeso reservoir).