• The contract, worth 28.6 million euros, includes designing and building a wastewater treatment plant that will serve more than 105,000 people 

ACCIONA Agua, in an equal partnership with  Brazilian company GEL, has won a contract to design, build and assist in operating a waste water treatment system in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, in the region of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil.

The contract amounts to 98.9 million reais, around 28.6 million euros, and will benefit more than 105,000 people, helping to enhance the quality of water returning to the Capibaribe river. The project, commissioned by Compañía Pernambucana de Saneamiento (COMPESA), is financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

ACCIONA Agua will build a waste water treatment plant capable of processing 400 litres per second, potentially catering for a population of up to 197,000 (estimated for 2038, the project design horizon).

The sewer system will have more than 17.6 kilometres of sewer mains (to receive waste water from district sewers and transport it to the plant), 1.3 km of discharge sewers (for pumping waste water after treatment) and 4 pumping stations. The contract also includes designing the city’s entire sewer  network and household connections.

The plant will be equipped with an automated treatment control and sewer monitoring system and a laboratory to monitor water quality. All these installations, along with the pumping stations, will be fitted with odour control systems.

With this contract, ACCIONA Agua continues to strengthen its presence in the water business in Brazil, having built wastewater plants in Arrudas, in the State of Minas Gerais, and Alcântara, in the neighbouring Rio de Janeiro State.

ACCIONA began operating in Brazil in 1996 and its main lines of business all have a presence in the country.