• The contract envisages an energy volume of 345 GWh, avoiding the emission of 107,000 tonnes of CO2
  • The supply represents 23% of Teléfonica’s total electricity consumption and 58% of its high-voltage demand with telemetry
  • ACCIONA thus consolidates its energy trading business to large clients in Spain and Portugal, reaching 5,900 GWh in 2018 - an increase of 11%.

In 2019 ACCIONA will supply Telefónica with an estimated volume of renewable electricity of 345 gigawatt-hours (GWh), i.e. 58% of the high-voltage energy measured with telemetry that the technology multinational will consume in Spain this year, and 23% of its total electricity consumption.

According to the contract awarded to ACCIONA, the company will supply 72 points located in large-scale data processing facilities, offices and other centres of Telefónica in Spain. It is the second successive contract for the sale of electricity to Telefónica awarded to ACCIONA, following the one signed for 2018.

Like all the energy marketed by ACCIONA, the electricity supplied to Telefónica will be certified 100% renewable by the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC). The use of clean energy will avoid the emission of 107,000 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere, based on the energy mix of Spain.

 “Being an electricity supplier to Telefónica for the second successive year is an endorsement of ACCIONA’s strategy for marketing 100% renewable energy. It is fully competitive and a clear example of how the corporate sector can contribute to speeding up the energy transition and deal with global warming”, says Santiago Gómez Ramos, Director of Energy Management of ACCIONA.

“This agreement is a key one for Telefónica in Spain because it means we can continue to be 100% renewable. This, together with our Energy Efficiency Program, translates into lower CO2 emissions and costs. We are proud to say that Movistar customers communicate from the greenest and most sustainable base in the market, and among other things we make a contribution to the fight against climate change”, explains Joaquín Mata, Operations, Systems and IT Director of de Telefónica España.

Teléfonica: Also 100% renewable in other markets

The multinational is already fully renewable in other markets such as Germany, Brazil and the UK. This means that it is making progress towards its objective of 100% in all countries by 2030, which will mean a saving of around 6% on its energy bill, equivalent to 1.4% of its present revenues.

Worldwide, more than 50% of the electricity Telefónica uses is clean. It has stabilized its consumption despite a growth in traffic of 107% in the last three years, improving energy efficiency by 52% in the process, and this has been achieved two years before the target dates. In other words, the company is more efficient and consumes greener energy every year. This has led to Telefónica being part of a CDP A-list an organism that selects leading companies in the management of climate change.

ACCIONA: The biggest marketer of exclusively renewable energy

Through this contract, ACCIONA strengthens its business of the sale of energy to large clients in the Iberian Peninsula market, where is it already the biggest supplier of exclusively renewable energy with over 500 clients and 2,700 supply points. The associated volume of energy was 5,900 gigawatt-hours (GWh) in 2018, 11.3% up on the previous year.

Among ACCIONA’s renewable energy clients in the Iberian market are, as well as  Telefónica, reference companies in a range of sectors such as Unilever, Bosch, Adif, Inditex, Basf, RTVE, Kellogs, Merck, Bimbo, Roca, Aena, Heinz, Asics, BT, Agrolimen, Volkswagen and the Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums.


Photo caption: Wind turbines in an ACCIONA’s wind farm in Spain.