• The contracted supply covers 40% of the company’s network needs and will reduce annual CO2 emissions by 42,400 tons

Movistar Chile and ACCIONA have today signed a long-term 100% renewable energy PPA, which will cover the power needs of 40% of the telecommunications company's total network with clean energy. 

ACCIONA will provide electricity from its 684MW portfolio of operating wind and solar assets in the country. This supply will allow Movistar Chile to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 42,400 tons, equivalent to eliminating almost 23,000 cars from the roads for an entire year or the carbon capture of 75,000 trees over 25 years.

ACCIONA will supply Movistar Chile with 108GWh of clean energy per year, doubling the overall green electricity the company provides to the Telefónica Group. In June last year, ACCIONA signed a contract with Telefónica to provide 100GWh of renewable electricity per year for the next decade, which will power Telefónica's data processing facilities, offices and work centers in Spain.


This agreement showcases Movistar Chile’s ongoing commitment to protecting the environment and carrying out sustainable operations. The company is currently ISO 140001 certified, meaning that it works to the highest environmental standards. The group is also in the process of obtaining the ISO 50001 certification (which involves reducing consumption, minimizing carbon footprint and cutting costs by promoting the sustainable use of energy).

"In our company we know for sure that, in order to be sustainable in the present and future, we must assure that all our operations have the least possible environmental impact. Therefore, we must strive to challenge ourselves to go deeper and deeper into our internal processes and achieve complete sustainability throughout," says José Antonio Rodríguez, head of Economic Management of Networks and Control at Movistar Chile.

"We have a comprehensive commitment to the environment and sustainability; if we want to achieve a completely sustainable business over time, we must be responsible with the impact of our operations and, at the same time, assure that they function in the most efficient manner " Rodríguez added.

Lionel Roa, head of ACCIONA Energy Management, points out that "we are very pleased that Movistar Chile has chosen ACCIONA as its strategic partner to make headway in its decarbonization process. ACCIONA has been investing heavily in Chile, reaching investments of close to US$1.2 billion, with the aim of building a portfolio of exclusively renewable projects that guarantee our clients a 100% clean electricity supply".