• ACCIONA will supply 13,000MWh per year of certified renewable electricity
  • Fnac will avoid the emission of 3,800 tons of CO2 by consuming 100% clean energy

ACCIONA and Fnac Portugal are enhancing their collaboration in climate action and the Green Economy with the renewal of ACCIONA’s 100% renewable energy supply contract that serves Fnac's 46 stores in Portugal.

Under the contract, ACCIONA will provide Fnac Portugal with almost 13,000MWh of renewable capacity, certified with 100% Renewable Guarantees of Origin by the EEGO (Entidade Emissora de Garantias de Origem) platform of Portugal’s electricity group REN (Rede Elétrica Nacional). Through this collaboration, Fnac Portugal will avoid 3,800 tons of CO2 per year.

ACCIONA began working with Portuguese subsidiary of the French technology and culture retail group in 2019 through green energy generation and supply solutions. Since then, Fnac Portugal has already reduced its annual CO2 emissions by 3,800 tons, which is equivalent to taking 1,462 cars off the road or planting 6,700 trees.

By renewing the contract with ACCIONA for another two years, Fnac Portugal showcases its commitment to the Fnac Darty group’s strategy to implement initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of its brands and activities.

Carlos Alves, Director of General Services at Fnac Portugal, said: "By working alongside ACCIONA, we will be able to drastically mitigate the carbon footprint of our stores and logistics operations. All the while, we will be strengthening our governance policy and adding to our sustainability strategy, in collaboration with our customers and partners. This agreement ensures continuity in Fnac Portugal's energy efficiency and decarbonization efforts.”

Aprígio Guimarães, Country Sales manager Portugal, explains: "The collaboration between ACCIONA and Fnac Portugal is a clear success, leading to the adoption of sustainability best practices through the supply of 100% renewable energy. The new contract signed for the 2021/2022 period combines both competitive conditions and a significant contribution to our client's climate objectives.”


In addition to the commercialization of clean energy, ACCIONA has 166MW of renewable generation assets in Portugal, including wind and solar installations. The Company’s portfolio in Portugal includes 16 wind farms, as well as one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the Iberian Peninsula, the 46MWp Amareleja Solar Power Plant, capable of covering the energy needs of 30,000 Portuguese families and avoiding the emission of approximately 90,000 tons of CO2 each year.

ACCIONA’s new contract with Fnac follows other agreements with leading clients in Portugal such as Coca-Cola, STCP, Sonae Arauco, Makro, Indorama and Danone, among others. It also strengthens ACCIONA's portfolio of international corporate clients.

With 10.7GW of renewable energy capacity, ACCIONA is the world's most sustainable electric utility according to the New Energy Top 100 Green Utilities ranking and the criteria used by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DWSI). ACCIONA supplies 100% renewable energy to more than 500 companies and institutions worldwide, contributing to their decarbonization and climate change mitigation strategies. ACCIONA's clients include Amazon, Apple, Novartis, Google, Telefónica, Bimbo, Merck, Asics, Unilever and Robert Bosch