• ACCIONA will provide cleaning and maintenance services for green spaces and trees in the city of Segovia for two years, extendable for another two
  • The company will apply sustainable gardening criteria, reducing the use of chemicals

Today ACCIONA starts to provide cleaning and maintenance services for parks and trees in the city of Segovia. The two-year contract, with an extension option of another two years, covers around 55 hectares of green spaces (gardens in different neighbourhoods of the city and parks on the outskirts) and more than 3,200 trees of different species.

ACCIONA will apply sustainable gardening criteria to the service, reducing the use of chemicals to a minimum, eliminating herbicides and looking after the city’s stock of trees with minimally-invasive environmental techniques that allow one-off interventions to help the trees develop naturally.

To do this, the company made a prior study of the “green structure of the city”, evaluating factors such as its plant life, the number of visitors, the uses made of green spaces, features of the climate, etc. It also implemented a Geographical Information System (GIS) that incorporates a series of tools to collect, visualise, analyse and manage the city’s maintenance and gardening needs.

ACCIONA Service will also input its experience in cleaning, maintenance, gardening and landscaping services in similar-size cities such as León, where it undertakes the maintenance of parks, children’s playgrounds, fitness zones and dog recreation areas. It also operates in emblematic parks of special tourist interest in other cities, for example the historic parks of Madrid (Parque del Retiro, Alameda de Osuna, Parque del Oeste, Jardines de Sabatini), where it takes care of conservation, gardening, surveillance, irrigation and water consumption management.

ACCIONA Service will carry out the work under the supervision of Segovia City Council, and specifically its Environment Department, which will directly manage other green spaces in the city such as Jardín Delibes, Los Poetas, Plaza Victoria Eugenia or La Merced.