• The new website seeks to improve the user experience through simpler navigation, providing direct contact with the commercial areas of its businesses.
  • Its responsive design means that it displays perfectly on any type of device.
  • It incorporates audiovisual content and social network integration to drive greater interaction with visitors.

ACCIONA Service has updated its website (http://www.acciona-service.com) making it more visual and intuitive to improve the user relationship and interaction based on the model behind ACCIONA’s complete corporate image.

The content of the new ACCIONA Service portal is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese and organises its ten activity areas into two main groups:

  • Business Sectors
  • Areas of Activity

In the Business Sectors section, ACCIONA Service’s activities are grouped into the three main sectors in which the company provides its services – Infrastructure, Industrial and Services to Cities.Users can therefore search for services directly filtered by sector.

In the Areas of Activity section users can learn about each of ACCIONA Service’s businesses, directly and intuitively, including detailed information and major projects with a direct sales contact module for each activity.

The new website also includes two new sections – “Innovation”, which reports on the latest technological developments carried out by ACCIONA Service, including its “Reality Capture by ACCIONA” service; and “In the World”, which provides detailed information and images from its most emblematic projects in the different countries in which it operates.

The “Press Room” section will report the most relevant news stories about the company as well as key interviews, technical articles, opinion pieces and special reports on the most important contracts.Audiovisual information (videos, infographics and photos) is also used to provide a richer user experience.

The content of ACCIONA Service’s website has been integrated into the company’s various social network channels in order to improve accessibility and enhance user interaction.