• Virtual immersive visits and the creation of drawings with precise space measurement open up a line of value-added services for the company’s clients
  • The electronic format based on captured reality offers applications that are highly useful in the marketing and management of real estate, the tourism sector and the maintenance of industrial installations in order to optimize operating costs

ACCIONA Service has incorporated Captured  Reality into its portfolio, enabling it to obtain a 3D digital model, an ‘As Built’ drawing and a BIM model for any  closed space, thereby adding a new added value line for its clients.

Captured reality technologyoffers a wider range of options for the industrial, real estate, tourism and facility management sectors,  as it has both commercial and marketing applications with immersive  visits and operational options in  the form of measurements and the generation of drawings very quickly, the planning  of renovations, improvements to processes, the management of space and  buildings or the maintenance of facilities.

Captured reality is different from other techniques to create 3D  models in that it starts from 360º-degree  photographs combined with infrared  sensor technology to speed up data collection and create a 3D model of the  reality in a very short time, as well as a construction plan of the captured  surroundings.

Three-dimensional  models make it possible to create virtual immersive visits, take real measurements and identify alternatives to  optimize operating costs and calculate reforms and maintenance remotely,  quickly and more reliably. A construction plan is also of great value in  engineering, industrial installations, architecture, etc. as it provides up-to-date and detailed information on  space, because in many cases  there are considerable differences against floor/ground plans and sometimes  these are not available.

The models created with captured reality are easily  accessed by the client through the Internet and can be visualized on mobile  devices with virtual reality glasses, making the immersive experience more  intense. This feature gives captured reality great potential as a commercial  tool for real estate operators, museums, hotels, shopping malls, etc., using it  as an advertising tool on their websites or at events or trade fairs.

The new system can also be used to develop training  processes in a virtual environment that is identical to reality.

Following its internal use in a number of the group’s  divisions, ACCIONA Service has identified the functionalities that add value to  sectors such as hotel & catering, real estate and industrial facilities/properties,  leading to the development of a methodology to implement and exploit it. The Victorio  Macho museum  in Toledo was one of the first projects completed.

This new service is the result of synergies between  different businesses of the ACCIONA Group. Apart from ACCIONA Service, the  Innovation, Environment and Quality Department of ACCIONA Engineering and other  personnel from that division intervene in the process.