• Competition: ACCIONA's team takes on the penultimate race of the 2023 Extreme season at the venue where it took the first place of the leaderboard
  • Climatic events: The Island X Prix will focus on the visibility of extreme weather events that are sweeping the Mediterranean basin

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team will be back in Sardinia for the return of the Extreme E competition with the aim of defending the lead in the penultimate test of the season (September 16-17). The Spanish team heads into the seventh and eighth rounds with a four-point lead over the second-placed team.

Laia Sanz and Mattias Ekström will lead the ACCIONA team on familiar ground, as the competition returns to the Capo Teulada military base, in the south of the Italian island, where they managed to consolidate their lead with two second places last July.

Sardinia has established itself as a classic event of the competition, as it has hosted the most rounds since its inception. Although this second Island X Prix will be held in the same location, the circuit will be completely new for the ten teams. 

Precisely this arid environment, aggravated by the high temperatures resulting from climate change, will serve to reflect the consequences of the extreme weather events affecting the Mediterranean basin.



Global warming is causing an increase in ambient temperatures and, in the Mediterranean region, longer periods of drought as well. The combination of both factors means that wildfires are becoming increasingly common, and the island of Sardinia is a clear example of this, as in 2021 alone it saw 20,000 hectares of forest succumb to the flames.

Extreme E has been involved with the island since its first visit in 2021 with reforestation (2021), prevention (2022) and wildlife recovery (2023) projects. On this occasion, the championship drivers will visit the Civil Protection Operations Center to discover how the response to natural disasters is managed and coordinated.

They will also visit the Sardinia Corpo Forestale, where they will have the opportunity to exchange views with people directly involved in prevention and protection of the island's forests.

With its participation, ACCIONA is aligned with Extreme E’s objective to act as a loudspeaker for climate emergency through mass sport. It is also committed to electric mobility, demonstrating its reliability and competitiveness in one of the most demanding motor competitions on the planet. The company thus reinforces its social commitment to sustainable development, gender equality and the fight against climate change.



Among the effects of global warming in the region, water stress has become a major problem on the island.

To combat this shortage, ACCIONA is developing solutions for the sustainable management of the full water cycle. Precisely in Sardinia, the company was awarded three contracts in 2021 by which it will manage a total of 300 wastewater treatment plants, 85% of the island's capacity.

With over 40 projects carried out in ten regions of the country, ACCIONA currently serves more than two million people in Italy.