• BAD FORTUNE. The ACCIONA team had the championship title in its hand in Sunday's grand finale of the Copper X Prix in Chile 

  • AWARENESS. ACCIONA closes a season of Extreme E that has shown spectators the effect of climate change on four endangered ecosystems across three continents

In the third iteration of Extreme E, ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team fell short of capturing the championship title. Despite leading in the grand finale on Sunday, a critical mechanical failure in the steering wheel, with Laia Sanz at the helm, thwarted their aspirations for the championship.

Consequently, the Spanish team concluded the season in the runner-up position, achieving a commendable record of two victories and three second-place finishes – their most distinguished performance in the three-year history of Extreme E.

The team confronted a formidable commencement to the weekend, marked by an electrical failure that resulted in the forfeiture of their initial lead in the challenging terrain of the Atacama Desert. Despite this initial setback, they rebounded on Saturday with a resilient second-place finish, securing a prominent position on the podium and sustaining contention for the championship.

The ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team successfully executed its strategic objective of narrowing the points deficit with the new leader (RXR) by clinching victory in the initial qualifying round on Sunday, thereby entering the final with destiny within their control. A triumph in the final would have unequivocally secured the championship.

Driver Mattias Ekström executed an impeccable start in the final, surging into the lead. However, during the pivotal driver change, they ceded the top position, necessitating a strategic overtaking maneuver to rekindle their championship aspirations. In the pursuit, a substantial jump impacted the rear steering, culminating in an unfortunate accident. It is noteworthy that Laia emerged from the incident unharmed.


ACCIONA culminates its engagement in the third installment of Extreme E, a commitment spanning from the inaugural edition. The company actively contributes to the dissemination of values inherent in the world's pioneering motorsport competition, conveying a resounding message centered on the advocacy of sustainable mobility, gender equality, and the imperative need to combat climate change.

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team, in collaboration with the Extreme E expedition, has traversed nine ecosystems facing heightened threats due to the adverse effects of climate change across four continents. Each leg of the series has served to immerse audiences in environmental crises and challenges associated with the global transition to decarbonization. The journey has covered diverse scenarios, ranging from polar ice melt in Greenland to desertification in Saudi Arabia, coastal pollution in Senegal, and the transformative dynamics of the mining industry in Chile.

While awaiting the official release of the 2024 Extreme E calendar, both the competition and the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) have affirmed the forthcoming recognition of the category as an FIA Championship from the upcoming year. This formal acknowledgment underscores the growing prominence and significance of Extreme E within the realm of international motorsport.