• GOAL: Better performance, more comfort and more safety in Silence motorcycles

ACCIONA's commitment to shared mobility services is reinforced with the renewal of its fleet in Madrid and Barcelona. The electric motorcycles, all of which are manufactured by Silence, ACCIONA's electric vehicle brand, now have improved performance, comfort and safety.

In Barcelona, Acciona has completed a full fleet change, incorporating the latest version of the Silence S02. There are several differences, including an improvement in performance that allows them to reach a speed of 95km/h, making them the only shared motorcycles in the city that can circulate on fast roads such as the popular Ronda ring roads. Other sharing services, provided by mopeds, cannot access the city's high-speed roads, as they are banned due to their limited speed. Silence motorcycles comfortably reach the maximum speed of intercity expressways (80km/h).

In addition to the improved performance, the new models go a step further in terms of comfort and safety thanks to the addition of a new rear shock absorber and a more comfortable seat for users.

Finally, the trunk now includes a smart element that automatically detects helmets when they are placed inside. The element also ensures that the trunk will never be left open by mistake. The app warns the user of this last step before ending the trip.

The city of Barcelona now has 632 ACCIONA motorcycles, with their required municipal licenses, pending the new metropolitan motosharing regulations for the entire Barcelona area.

The city of Madrid already had the latest version of the Silence S02, identical in terms of performance, so the change has been focused on the new shock absorber and the more comfortable seat. In addition, aesthetic improvements have been made to the bodywork, unifying the image of the Silence motorcycles.

In both cities, a cell phone holder has been added, which can be used as a navigation device while riding and will allow the driver to comfortably use the ACCIONA app while stationary to end the trip.



ACCIONA is deploying a network of battery swap stations, which will reach 100 stations in Spain's main cities before the end of the year. This same system is used by ACCIONA staff to replace batteries directly for sharing services. This eliminates the need for auxiliary vehicles such as vans, which take up public space and generate urban traffic. Thanks to the battery stations, ACCIONA operators move on the same motorcycle and replace one battery with another in just 30 seconds.

The end user always has a charged battery, while logistical tasks are significantly reduced, with all the implications for road traffic that this entails.

Quique Bustillo, head of operations at ACCIONA Mobility, said: "The system is a big step forward compared to using vans for battery replacements. Although we are still rolling it out, in addition to improving the service, we are reducing the number of support vehicles, thus helping to improve the always complicated urban traffic. It is an improvement for the rest of the citizens, as we take up less space, improving the coexistence between all public space users."

The renewal of the motosharing fleet, at a time when shared mobility services are spreading across all major cities, is an example of ACCIONA's commitment to more efficient mobility services, without polluting emissions of any kind, including noise pollution. All this is possible with Silence vehicles, which are designed, created and manufactured in Spain, with own-brand technology.