• Miguel Arrarás has been renewed as chairman of the industry body, which will extend its activities to the global level

Miguel Arrarás, ACCIONA Energy Development Director for the MENA region, has been re-elected to chair the Spain Renewable Energy Consortium, a body that brings together the main Spanish companies in the sector with the aim of promoting Brand Spain in the field globally. The rest of the Governing Board also elected for the next twelve months includes representatives from Grupo TSK, Grupo Cobra, FRV Fotowatio, Elecnor, Qatro and STI Norland to different posts.

Recently, the General Assembly of the Consortium approved a change of name in line with the extension of the range of its operations to the global level. Since it was set up in 2011 it had driven the development of the Spanish renewable industry in Africa and the Middle East, helping to improve communications with governments and public bodies and fostering relations between Spanish companies in those regions.

The Consortium currently consists of 18 relevant companies, which has contributed to its positioning as a point of reference in the Spanish renewables sector in countries such as South Africa, Morocco, Jordan, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Uganda.

In the words of Consortium, Chairman Miguel Arrarás said that “the renewable market is increasingly global and competitive, so cooperation between Spanish companies to promote our common interests is essential so as not to lose our position as key players in the one of the few sectors in which our country is among the world leaders”.

The results obtained by member companies of the Consortium are highlighted in the development of such emblematic projects as the first phase of the solar power complex of Ouarzazate in Morocoo, the Xhi Solar One plant in South Africa, the construction of a 50 MW plant in Jordan as part of the General Strategy for the Energy Sector, or participation in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum project in Dubai.

At the same time, the Consortium has provided technical support to authorities in more than 10 countries in Africa and the Middle East through study tours or visits to reference facilities built by Spanish companies.


Support for manufacturers of goods and equipment

The companies in the Consortium have undertaken – in an agreement in its latest General Assembly – to support Spanish manufacturers of goods and equipment to help them improve their positioning within the group and contribute a new dynamism.

To do this, the Consortium will begin to organise the work of manufacturers and contractors in a programmed manner, with the aim of reflecting and dealing with problems that are common to these companies in their international activity.

The Assembly welcomed two new companies – STI Norland and Grandsolar – and reiterated that it is open to any Spanish companies that wish to participate as a way of facilitating their penetration into international markets.