• The contract includes stand setup and dismantling services for trade fairs, conferences and events in general, organised at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla (FIBES) until June 2018
  • The advanced modular system is a patent developed by APD distinguished by the quality of materials, its functionality, its high level of customisation and it’s100% reusability

Congresos y Turismo de Sevilla, S.A (CONTURSA), the company that manages the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla (FIBES), has entrusted the modular stand setup for all the events it will organise in the next two years to ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño(APD).

The contract awarded to APD comprises the setup and dismantling service of modular stands for trade fairs, conferences and events in general organised by CONTURSA at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla (FIBES) until June 2018.

CONTURSA has based its decision to adjudicate in favour of APD on its proposal of an eminently innovative modular stand from a constructive and setup standpoint. The stand is characterised by the quality of its materials and its great functionality, which adapts to all types of exhibition areas and significantly reduces the setup and dismantling phases. Conceived to be reused, the modular stand designed by APD also includes numerous possibilities for the brand customisation of clients’ exhibits, as it is able to satisfy the different requirements posed by a heterogeneous group of trade fairs. In addition, the stand offers improvements in construction materials, versatility, transport and storage, with the added advantage that this modular system allows for numerous compositions, adaptable to any type of exhibition space in a versatile manner, depending on the needs of the event.

Another solution designed by APD for CONTURSA is the digital management of trade fairs, conferences and events purchase orders through a tablet-type mobile device. This solution will facilitate communications with registered entities and participants regarding the state of the orders, issuing instant e-mail notifications when APD installs the items in the stand, integrating information on job order updates, situation and response times into SERVIFIBES.

One of the novelties of the contract is that the management company’s service catalogue will incorporate an advanced modular system to offer more stand customisation options to the client. This advanced modular system is a patent developed by APD for the trade fair, conference and event sector that is characterised by an innovative hidden profile structure that creates a continuous surface for labelling and images and colours on printed vinyl panels, an excellent aesthetic solution to optimise brand displays. In this sense, CONTURSA will now be able to improve its range of services, providing clients with the possibility of hiring up to 2000 m2 of this advanced modular system to configure and distribute exhibits at trade fairs, conferences and events.

Finally, in coherence with ACCIONA’s integral commitment with sustainability in all its activities, APD’s modular stands will incorporate reusable elements. In this sense, the company promotes the life span of ephemeral architecture spaces, designing 100% reusable spaces, specifically created to be easily transported and stackable, avoiding and considerable reducing the CO2 emissions linked to transport.

Since its establishment in 1992, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño has a proven international experience in the field of trade fairs, events and conferences. Currently, APD is the largest European company specialising in the design and execution of events, multimedia shows, museums and exhibitions. Quality, excellence, exclusivity, innovation and sustainability are part of its professional hallmark, for which it is widely recognised in this sector.