• The partnership gives Silence, ACCIONA’s electric vehicle brand, access to Nissan’s vast network of dealerships across Europe

ACCIONA has partnered with Nissan for the distribution of the new Silence S04 NanoCar, a lightweight, 100% electric four-wheeled vehicle specifically designed for urban living. Starting in June, Nissan will hold distribution rights in France and Italy for the car, as well as Silence’s electric motorcycles, followed by expansion into additional European markets in September.

The partnership gives Silence, ACCIONA’s electric vehicle brand, access to Nissan’s vast network of dealerships across Europe, opening a substantial distribution channel. The S04 is a four-wheeled vehicle which combines the safety and comfort of a car with the agility of a motorcycle, paving the way to the sustainable urban mobility of the future.

The ACCIONA-Nissan agreement lowers the barrier for those who want to go electric – ensuring the transition to electric mobility is inclusive and accessible.

Nissan has recently launched a new business plan, The Arc, that among other goals, includes the use of strategic partnerships to drive business growth and transformation. The collaboration with Silence showcases this strategy.

The two-seater vehicle employs an innovative removable battery system, allowing for convenient charging at home or in the office. Silence will extend its battery exchange service next year to further European markets, mirroring its existing network in Spain and reducing the initial purchase cost of its vehicles.

The battery station ecosystem already available in Spain has more than 110 locations and 1,110 battery swap units. The goal is to reach 160 stations and 1,600 battery swap units before the end of the year.

The S04 comes in two models – the L7e and the L6e. The L7e is equipped with two batteries and offers 14kW of power, reaching 85km/h with a range of 149 kilometers. The L6e, which can be driven without a driving license, operates with one battery and 6kW of power, reaching a maximum speed of 45km/h.

Offering both compact electric driving and smart connectivity, the S04 also comes equipped with the My Silence app – a one-stop-shop for any owners’ needs. Through the app, customers have access to a range of digital services, including keyless entry, location tracking, monitoring of range and battery charge status. It also allows customers to connect with friends and share access to their vehicle, without the need for swapping keys – pushing accessibility to electric vehicles options even further.



Customers can expect to see both models of the S04, as well as Silence’s e-motorcycle range, available for sale in Nissan retailers across France and Italy in June 2024, with plans for expansion into additional European territories such as Germany, starting in September.

The car will be available through a range of finance, servicing and insurance options which will be available progressively from launch, offered via Nissan and its retail partners.

Carlos Sotelo, CEO of ACCIONA’s mobility business and Silence, commented: “The needs of drivers in today’s towns and cities are changing – their commute, their attitudes to mobility, and what constitutes a realistic and efficient way for them to get around urban areas. To respond to this, we need to think smarter, smaller and lighter. Silence’s light electric vehicles (EV), partnered with Nissan’s strong distribution network, offers new, exciting, and clever options for urban mobility in Europe, shaping a more sustainable future.”

Leon Dorssers, senior vice president Marketing & Sales at Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania), said: “We believe the future is electric… but to make that future a reality, we have to do more to make it as inclusive as possible, available to all. Through this significant new partnership with ACCIONA, we’re ensuring that many more people can experience the power and excitement of electric mobility and take the first step on their EV journey. Opening access to Silence’s diverse range of brilliant, alternative products creates new and exciting possibilities for customers who are eager to join the EV revolution – combining clean mobility with cutting-edge technology, in functional and flexible vehicles.”