• 400 homes: The foundation expands its service of affordable renewable energy supply, which now benefits more than 1,600 people in the Coquimbo region

acciona.org, ACCIONA's corporate foundation, has extended the reach of its Light at Home program in Chile to the Chilean Andes in the Coquimbo region, providing access to electricity to more than 400 households in remote areas of the mountain range through a renewable, sustainable and affordable energy supply service.

The households with access to the service are primarily farming and herding families who live scattered in mountainous areas, without access to the conventional power grid.

The Light at Home Chile program allows these households to access a clean electricity supply with a service model that guarantees sustainability over time at an affordable cost. The users thus improve their domestic and working conditions by using household appliances for the refrigeration and conservation of their products, to light their homes and to connect television sets or radios and charge mobile devices, among other uses.

acciona.org began its activity in Chile in 2021 in Caleta de Maitencillo, where it launched a clean electricity service based on photovoltaic systems that benefited families of seaweed fishermen, who previously could only access an irregular and more expensive supply from gasoline generators.

With the deployment of the Light at Home program, acciona.org has already benefited some 1,600 people in two of the three provinces of the region spanning Coquimbo, Limarí and Choapa, and it continues to implement energy installations for more families in the province of Elquí, thus covering the entire Coquimbo region with energy solutions for families without formal grid access.