• Regeneration: ACCIONA fulfills its commitment to ensure that Spain’s main golf tournament has a net positive impact

ACCIONA, main sponsor of the ACCIONA Open de España 2022 golf tournament, has planted 750 trees on the grounds of the Madrid Golf Federation, as part of its commitment with the tournament to generate a positive and permanent environmental impact in the city of Madrid.

Of those, 352 trees corresponded to the "ACCIONA Emisiones Bajo Par" (“ACCIONA Emissions Under Par”) award given to Jon Rahm as winner of the tournament in its last edition, under which the company committed to plant trees equivalent to the emissions generated by him and his caddie over a full sporting season and offset that footprint by 10 times.

The remaining 397 trees represent the company's net contribution to the environmental regeneration of the city, equivalent to the 493 tonnes of CO2 generated by the ACCIONA Open de España last year.

These emissions had already been offset through Emission Reduction Certificates, as established by the United Nations Framework Convention. With the planting of these 397 trees, ACCIONA leaves a positive impact on the city equivalent to the emissions offset with these certificates.

The specimens chosen on this occasion, all of them native to Madrid and specially adapted to the climate of the region, are stone pines, blue cedars and picea abies (similar to the willow).

The planting was carried out together with the Madrid City Council and as part of the Madrid Compensa (Madrid Offsets) program, aimed at decarbonizing the city by replanting urban spaces to turn them into CO2 sinks.

ACCIONA, which is the lead sponsor of the ACCIONA Open de España 2022 Golf Tournament, deploys an array of sustainable solutions during the tournament to neutralize any harmful effects on the environment, ensuring a positive environmental, social and economic net impact that will remain as a legacy to the city.

In total, as a result of ACCIONA's collaboration with this golf tournament, the company has planted almost 6,000 species of all kinds in Madrid, both in the Federation's forest lands and in the Dehesa de la Villa park. In addition to planting, ACCIONA also takes care of the maintenance, watering and preservation of these specimens, so as to ensure their survival and maximize their CO2 capturing potential.

These initiatives are aligned with the company's Sustainability Master Plan, which promotes regeneration through measures based on natural solutions and includes a commitment to plant one million trees.

ACCIONA will once again be the main sponsor of this year's edition of the ACCIONA Open de España.