• #1 in construction: ACCIONA is the only construction and engineering group worldwide to be included in Refinitiv’s index of most diverse and inclusive organizations, ranking 36th overall.
  • TOP EMPLOYER: ACCIONA is certified as a 2021 Top Employer in Spain, underscoring its commitment to equal opportunities, diversity, inclusion, and gender balance.

For the second year running, ACCIONA was the only company in the construction and engineering sector worldwide to be included in Refinitiv’s Global Top 100 Diversity and Inclusion Index, raking 36th overall in 2021.

The distinction reflects ACCIONA’s forward-looking environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies at its infrastructure and renewable energy operations, as well as its commitment to gender equality, socially inclusive contracts and cultural diversity training for its 38,000-strong workforce, comprising 131 nationalities, in more than 40 countries.

To select the world’s top 100 most inclusive and diverse organizations globally, the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index is informed by more than 500 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data points designed to transparently and objectively measure the relative performance of close to 11,000 companies representing more than 80% of global market capitalization.

Finance professionals use these metrics to evaluate ESG-related risks and opportunities of the companies they invest in, including investment strategies with a strong diversity component. Since its launch in 2016, companies in Refinitiv’s D&I Index Top 100 have consistently outperformed major market indices, demonstrating the high degree of correlation between a company’s financial performance and its leadership in diversity and inclusion.


ACCIONA ranks as a Top Employer in Spain. The award by the Top Employers Institute is one of the most demanding and prestigious worldwide in the field of corporate people management.

The company is committed to closing the gender pay gap and to extending policies that promote women, minorities and people with disabilities. For example, ACCIONA has linked bonuses to increasing the percentage of women in pre-managing positions. In 2020, the percentage of women in junior management positions rose to 24.37%, compared to 23.22% in the previous year.  In addition, the company holds twice-yearly editions of a Management Development Program for High Potential Women, and it is training women in skills and trades that allow them to take up a greater variety of roles in construction projects. In Chile, a women-only team is building the crèche of the Marga-Marga hospital in Valparaíso.

ACCIONA also collaborates with entities and foundations for labor integration of people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, migrant women, victims of gender violence and other groups at risk of social exclusion. Disabled people formed 3.97% of ACCIONA’s total workforce in 2020.

To promote further integration, Diversity Committees across different businesses and countries put in place policies and programs to promote a respectful, diverse, inclusive and efficient work environment. ACCIONA is committed to equality of opportunity and to generating a culture that promotes work-life balance in all areas.