• ACCIONA has become the company that has had the greatest impact on social media in Spain in 2021 and in the first quarter of 2022 for its ESG content (environmental, social, governance), according to the Epsilon Icarus Analytics Panel on ESG on social media.
  • The company is the leader in ESG communication effectiveness on social media, driven by a high engagement rate on Instagram, a platform where it covers 35 % of the total engagement analysed.

ACCIONA has become the company with the highest resonating ESG (environmental, social, governance) content on social networks in Spain, according to the latest Epsilon Icarus Analytics Panel on ESG Sustainability 2022.

ACCIONA's leadership in the impact and effectiveness of digital communication on ESG is based, fundamentally, on a content strategy that revolves around brand values, with a strong focus on climate change, women's leadership, diversity and organisational culture.

Among these social platforms, the study prepared by consulting firm Epsilon Technologies concludes that Instagram, with a share of 74.24 %—31 million interactions—has been the platform that has capitalised on the most engagement with companies' ESG content, 35 % of which is engagement generated by ACCIONA.

One of the social networks that is set to appear in next year's ranking is TikTok, where ACCIONA has already climbed to the 11th position in the share of interactions in Spain after only being active on the platform for one year, as shown in this ranking, which was also published by Epsilon Technologies.

Deploying ACCIONA's digital strategy via social media helps improve its overall assessment, as acknowledged by two recent recognitions, one placing the company among the 30 most valuable brands in Spain, according to Interbrand, and the other naming it the second highest climbing brand in Europe's top 500 most valuable brands 2022, published by Brand Finance.

Epsilon Icarus Analytics Panel on ESG Sustainability 2022

The study, led by Epsilon Technologies, is based on the social media activity (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) of the 71 brands that were rated highest for ESG in the Merco 2021 ranking. Content was monitored and analysed using Epsilon's social media artificial intelligence tool, Icarus, between January 2021 and March 2022.