• The company scored 91 points out of 100, and ranked third in the overall global ranking, behind Microsoft and Unilever 

ACCIONA is the top Spanish company for non-financial information reporting, according to EcoAct’s latest Sustainability Performance of the IBEX ranking.

ACCIONA holds third place in the overall global ranking, which analyzes all companies listed in the most important global stock market indexes -DOW30 (US), FTSE100 (UK), CAC40 (France) and IBEX35 (Spain)-.

To be precise, ACCIONA achieved a score of 91 points out of a maximum of 100, according to 64 indicators based on: Measurement and Reporting, Strategy and Governance, Objectives and Reduction, and Collaboration and Innovation.

The report highlights ACCIONA as one of the few companies to integrate the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy into its business model. Currently, 93% of ACCIONA’s investments and 83% of its operating profit (EBITDA) meet the requirements of this taxonomy, which aims to clarify which economic activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Likewise, EcoAct acknowledges that ACCIONA has been 100% carbon neutral since 2016, as well as the fact that the group recently revised its emissions reduction target to align with the 1.5°C scenario. EcoAct also praises ACCIONA for involving its entire value chain in the reduction of its emissions.

EcoAct is a business group specializing in international consulting and project development. The group collaborates with organizations to help them effectively address their climate ambitions. This report has been published for ten consecutive years, expanding progressively to incorporate more companies from more countries into its analyses. In Spain, this is the fifth yearly edition of this report.