• Innovation: The compact and comfortable design and the subscription-and-battery-swap model make the S04 a unique vehicle in its class
  • Price: From €9,870 in subscription mode (not including available grants and tax deductions worth up to €3,000)
  • Battery Stations: Via the subscription model, the batteries – which can also be charged at any conventional socket – can be swapped with others that are already charged, in a procedure that takes less than 30 seconds
  • Positive Impact: The S04 is part of ACCIONA's mobility strategy, focused on the development of sustainable solutions for urban locations

El director general de Estrategia y Desarrollo Corporativo de ACCIONA, Juan Muro; el Presidente y CEO de ACCIONA, José Manuel Entrecanales; Nissan managing director e-Micro Mobility AMIEO, Gareth Dunsmore; y Carlos Sotelo, director de Movilidad ACCIONA.

ACCIONA announced today the marketing launch of its new NanoCar Silence S04, a light, 100% electric, four-wheeled, two-seater vehicle, designed specifically for urban living.

The new car – which is already available at Silence’s Flagship Stores in Madrid and Barcelona – can be purchased at Silence’s existing network of dealerships both in Spain and the rest of Europe. In addition, in April, ACCIONA and Nissan announced an agreement for the distribution of Silence products through Nissan’s own network in France and Italy, starting immediately, and in other European countries, starting in September.

The Silence S04 brings a new type of urban light vehicle to the road: its two batteries are designed to be removed, via an integral trolley system, and can be charged at any domestic socket or replaced at one of the 1,200 exchange points across 120 battery stations that the brand has in the major Spanish cities. This system, exclusive to ACCIONA, allows the traditional refueling experience to be replicated through the exchange of depleted batteries for charged ones in less than 30 seconds. The company will have 160 stations with 1,600 battery exchange points in Spain before the end of the year.



The S04 has a length of 2.28 meters, a width of 1.26 meters and a height of 1.57 meters, with a load capacity of 247 liters, which allows two occupants to travel in comfort without impacting the environment. In addition, it is very easy to park, given that two S04s can fit into the space occupied by one medium-sized car.

These characteristics also give the vehicle a very low operating and maintenance cost.

Thanks to its two removable lithium-ion batteries with 11.2kWh of total capacity (2x5.6kWh), the Silence S04 L7e – the highest-performance version – has a range of 149 kilometers in the WMTC cycle.

The immediate response of its 14kW (19hp) electric motor (made of two 7kW motors), with a peak power of 22kW (29.9hp), allows the Silence S04 L7e to accelerate from zero to 50 km/hour in less than 7.0 seconds and develop a top speed of 85 km/hour, so that it can be driven on expressways if needed.

Drivers without the need for motorway travel can opt for the L6e version, with identical battery power, a WMTC range of 175 kilometers, a maximum speed limited to 45 km/hour and two 3kW (8.1hp) motors - the maximum allowed for this category of vehicle - with a peak of 10.6kW (14.4hp).

The first version requires a ‘B’ driving license and the second, approved as a light quadricycle, can be driven in Spain, as in most European countries, from the age of 15 with an AM license (moped license).

In both models, the Silence S04 offers the highest levels of comfort, equipment, safety and technological features in its class, with elements such as air conditioning, a TFT seven-inch digital screen, a multifunction steering wheel, a Bluetooth audio system, a synthetic leather-covered dashboard, a vertical or horizontal smartphone holder with an integrated charger, screen-printed floor mats with the S04 logo, three driving modes (Eco, City and Sport), LED headlights, disc brakes and keyless access via smartphone.

The removable battery design is one of the significant advantages of the Silence S04. The vehicle has two battery units with a patented extraction system, characterized by their handles and retractable wheels, which allow the battery to be transported as a trolley-type suitcase comfortably, easily and safely.



The My Silence app offers an interface that connects users with their vehicles. This app, compatible with iOS and Android, allows access to keyless functions, which turn the user’s phone into the vehicle key; friend-sharing, to share the vehicle between individuals; and comfort and safety functions, such as pre-conditioning the interior of the car, checking where it is at all times and activation of an alarm that immediately warns you in the event of unauthorized movement.

Furthermore, the app communicates with the vehicle to find out the remaining kilometers of range, the percentage of charge of the batteries and the savings in generated CO2 emissions, as well as to create routes.

The S04 can be purchased with two options: buying or renting the batteries. The rental subscription results in a reduction of up to 35% of the purchase cost of the vehicle – depending on the selected model – and payment of a monthly fee for the rental of the batteries, which, depending on the number of contracted recharges, starts at €19.99 (including three battery swaps). This allows savings compared to the consumption of a combustion-engine vehicle in an urban environment.

The starting price of the NanoCar under subscription is €9,870 for the L6e model and €11,680 for the L7e model. The prices do not include the additional savings from the Spanish Moves III Plan grants (up to €1,800) and the tax deductions (of 15% of personal income tax, up to €1,200) for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The S04, whose research and development has received funding from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism's Plan for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Connected Electric Vehicle (PERTE VEC), is manufactured entirely in Spain, at ACCIONA's new factory in Barcelona's Zona Franca, which is revitalizing part of an industrial environment traditionally dedicated to the production of combustion-engine cars.

The NanoCar, in line with ACCIONA's mobility strategy, provides an environmentally sustainable urban transport solution, suitable for the most demanding Low-Emission Zone regulations, easy to park and comfortable for two occupants.

The S04 joins ACCIONA's urban mobility offer, which includes Silence's electric motorcycles (S01, S01+ and S02), the best-selling ones in Europe over the last five years in their category. All Silence vehicles have the same removable and interchangeable battery system.


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Caption: (left to right): ACCIONA's General Manager of Strategy and Corporate Development, Juan Muro; ACCIONA Chairman and CEO, José Manuel Entrecanales; Nissan managing director e-Micro Mobility AMIEO, Gareth Dunsmore; and Carlos Sotelo, Director of ACCIONA Mobility.