• ACCIONA, for the sixth consecutive year, will join this weekend the Earth Hour.

A WWF initiative that has become a worldwide campaign of citizens, organizations, administrations and companies in favor of the protection of the environment and a symbol of the fight against climate change.

The company will participate on Saturday, March 30th by turning off the luminous signs from 20:30 to 21:30, on its most representative buildings in Spain in Alcobendas (Madrid): Avenida de Europa 10, 18 and 20 and in Anabel Segura 11; in Navarre in the buildings of Sarriguren 3 and 5 and in Erandio (Bilbao).

Likewise, ACCIONA joins the challenge #RetoDíaSinEmisiones, advising employees to decrease as much as possible their emissions that day, using public transportation, bicycles, electric vehicles or walking, as well as using heating and electricity efficiently.

The purpose of this symbolic action is to educate society in the need to adopt measures against climate change and polluting emissions, as well as saving energy and decreasing light pollution.

ACCIONA has taken climate change mitigation as a strategic objective. To this end, it commits its investment capacity and strives to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations through energy efficiency and by offsetting its emissions through the purchase of CO₂ emission allowances for renewable facilities in developing countries.






The Earth Hour was born in 2007 in Sidney as a symbolic gesture to bring attention over the climate change problem. A simple gesture, that consists of turning off the lights in homes, businesses, buildings and emblematic monuments for an hour.