• The budget for the project is 3.2 million euros

ACCIONA Infraestructuras has been selected by the Port Authority of Ferrol to renew the sanitation network of the Inner Harbour of the city for a sum of 3.2 million euros.

The project involves the installation of a network of sewers of more than 3,000 meters, 59 reinforced concrete manholes and 82 new drains. A 180 m3 capacity reinforced concrete storm water tank is also planned.

The sanitation network of the Inner Harbour is part of the works that are designed to hold back the environmental deterioration of the Estuary of Ferrol, which is subjected to pressure by several city sewers that discharge into it. Among these initiatives, ACCIONA Infraestructuras has just completed work on the project to refurbish the general interceptor on the right bank of the Estuary in the A Gándara-Cadaval section.