• The objective is to improve safety and health at work in Ecuador.

As part of the Line 1 project of the Quito Metro, ACCIONA Infraestructuras has signed a cooperation agreement with the Directorate-General of Workplace Hazards of the Institute of Social Security of Ecuador (IESS), the aim being to promote, drive and reinforce the use of good practices in the field of safety and health in the workplace.

Encouraging a culture of prevention through the performance of good practices in specific activities of construction is the ultimate objective of an initiative that will be based on very specific experiences. The starting point will be the occupational safety and health programs of the Quito Metro Line 1 Consortium and the IESS.

The aim of the signatories to the agreement is that the exchange of information between ACCIONA and the Ecuadorian public body can lead to innovative propositions and a bank of good practices based on projects such as Behavior Based Safety (BBS4U), Behavior Based Safety (BBS4U), Liderazgo Visible (visible leadership) and Prever (anticipating situations).

Line 1 of the Quito Metro is a large-scale public works project that ACCIONA Infraestructuras is building in a joint venture at 50% with the construction company Norberto Odebrecht. The project involves the construction of more than 22 kilometers of tunnels dug with three 9.5-meter-diameter tunneling machines. Thirteen new stations, train sheds and workshops will also be built, together with the railroad installations required for the operation of the Metro line.