• Testimony: It chronicles 188 female scientists’ expedition to the Frozen Continent to see global warming’s impact in person

ACCIONA and Homeward Bound, the leadership program for women in STEMM professions, presented today the documentary ‘An Infinite Journey’, an audiovisual piece that captures the experience of the 188 women from 25 countries who traveled to Antarctica in 2023 with the aim of generating collaborative and interdisciplinary networks to address the most pressing challenges of the climate emergency.

Homeward Bound aims to create an international network of 10,000 female professionals from STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) disciplines to collaborate on projects in diverse scientific and geographic fields.

The expedition to Antarctica is the culmination of this annual training and collaboration program. So far, 600 women have participated in the six editions that have taken place since 2016.

The documentary was filmed during the expeditions to the White Continent that took place at the end of 2023, as part of the V and VI edition of the program.

Over the course of 40 minutes, the film combines images of the expedition and interviews with the women who participated, analyzing with their thoughts some of the major global challenges, such as renewable energy access, water supply, oceans, climate change’s impact on health, new leadership models, etc., all of which intersect with the pressing concern for the search for alternatives to address the climate emergency.

ACCIONA has been collaborating with Homeward Bound since 2016, as part of its strategy to fight climate change, regenerate the planet and make women’s role visible in the face of these great global challenges.

ACCIONA promotes the full inclusion of women in the sectors in which it operates. The company is part of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, which includes the companies around the world that have demonstrated greater transparency and better performance in terms of gender equality. It is also part of the Global Compact's Women's Empowerment Principles initiative to promote gender equality in the workplace. The company also carries out gender-based recruitment programs that prioritize the identification of female talent.


Enjoy the documentary "An Infinite Journey" here.