• It has signed a cooperation agreement with Red Eléctrica de España (REE), Sesué Municipal Council (Huesca) and Asociación Guayente 
  • The ‘El Remós’ center is a benchmark in the social and labor integration of people with disabilities and mental illnesses in the rural environment

ACCIONA Energía today signed a cooperation agreement with Red Eléctrica de España (REE)[1], Sesué Municipal Council (Huesca province) and Asociación Guayente to improve road access to the ‘El Remós’ care center for persons with disabilities, which provides a service to the area of La Ribagorza in the region of Aragon.

Under the agreement, REE and ACCIONA Saltos de Agua, the group subsidiary that manages its hydropower plants, will each contribute seven thousand euros for the surfacing and improvement of the track that runs as far as El Remós. This track also reaches the electricity substation of Sesué, which is owned by the two signatories.

Set up in 1994, the El Remós center, which belongs to ‘Asociación Guayente’, is a unique an innovative care project for people with disabilities and mental illnesses in rural areas of the region of Aragon (Spain). A methodology has been developed there to deal with all kinds and degrees of disability and mental illness in the area of La Ribagorza and neighboring areas, aiming at the comprehensive development of people and helping them to achieve the highest possible levels of autonomy and integration on the personal, social, labor and family levels.


Ongoing cooperation

The cooperation agreement was signed this morning in Sesué by the Hydro Production Director of ACCIONA Saltos de Agua, Raúl Serrano; the delegate in Aragon of REE, José Ignacio Lallana; the Mayor of Sesué, José Félix Demur and the Director of El Remós, Héctor Rodríguez.

Mr. Serrano said that “our corporate social responsibility policy is strongly focused on contributing to the well-being of the communities where we operate. That is why we are delighted to help in improving access to the El Remós center, with which we have been working regularly on job placement programs”. Indeed, the company has worked with El Remós for many years by contracting cleaning services for its installations for the sum of 20,000 euros a year.

For his part, the delegate of REE pointed out “the important social integration effort being made in the Benasque Valley and REE’s support for these initiatives”.

Center Director Héctor Rodríguez thanked the other entities “for the agreement, as it will allow us to undertake roadworks that are very important for access to the Center” and for “the great willingness shown by both companies to cooperate with El Remós right from the start”.

ACCIONA Energía has a strong presence in Aragon, where it owns and operates 40 hydropower plants – mainly located in Huesca province - totaling 704 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity.