• Framework agreement: ACCIONA Energía will supply through FORTIA 1TWh per year from its renewable plants in Spain through corporate PPAs with physical delivery and for 5-to-10-year periods.

ACCIONA Energía has closed a framework agreement with FORTIA, the energy management platform for large industrial consumers, for the supply with physical delivery of around 1TWh of renewable electricity per year for 5-to-10-year periods. The agreement between ACCIONA Energía and FORTIA is taking shape through the signature of an agreement with around 20 companies, and it represents the largest corporate renewable PPA with physical delivery for the industry in Spain. The supply will begin between 2023 and 2024, depending on the needs of the electro-intensive companies that are involved in the agreement, all which are part of FORTIA.

This contract contributes to accomplishing the sustainability and decarbonization policies of the large industry, allowing the industrial consumers under the agreement to avoid the emission of nearly 120,000 tons of CO2 and, at the same time, ensuring a diversified, secure and competitive electricity supply.

ACCIONA Energía will cover the supply through its 100% renewable energy facilities in Spain, as part of its strategy to increase the volume of new supply contracts and medium and long-term PPAs for corporate customers, as older assets reach the end of their regulatory lifespan. This approach allows ACCIONA Energía to maintain a low-risk profile similar to that of recent years. 

"With these long-term PPAs we reaffirm ACCIONA Energía’s commitment to the country's major industries. We are accompanying our customers on their path to decarbonization through a renewable and competitive energy supply that will help them to stabilize their energy supply costs in these times of enormous volatility," says Javier Montes, Commercial Director at ACCIONA Energía.

Meanwhile, FORTIA will contribute through this agreement to promote a more sustainable industrial and energetic model, while providing its customers with access to renewable electricity at stable and attractive prices, guaranteeing competitive costs for their industrial production.

"With this agreement, FORTIA contributes to the decarbonization and sustainability of Spanish industry, while maximizing the security and competitiveness of its energy supply by facilitating access to autochthonous sources of renewable energy at a time of great uncertainty for European industry and the European economy," said Juan Temboury, CEO of FORTIA.