• 22KW Chargers: Three charging points have been installed for public use in different strategic enclaves of the urban center

ACCIONA Energía and Qwello have presented their first urban charging points for electric vehicles in Alcobendas (Madrid) today. The presentation event took place at the charging point installed at the Plaza del Pueblo, and attendees included the Mayor of Alcobendas, Aitor Retolaza Izpizua, the CEO of ACCIONA Recarga, Fernando Moliner, and the CEO of the joint venture between ACCIONA Energía and Qwello, Carlos Vázquez.

A total of three 22kW charging points have been installed for public use. ACCIONA Energía and Qwello have installed the charging points and will be in charge of their operation, maintenance, and customer service, through the joint venture launched by the two companies in September 2022.

The charging points are located in different strategic enclaves of Alcobendas with the aim of achieving the maximum penetration among the population: in front of the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center, in the vicinity of the Heron Diversia Shopping Center, and next to the Town Square, in the center of the town.

“ACCIONA Energía continues to make progress in its commitment to the electric car charging business”, mentioned Fernando Moliner, CEO of ACCIONA Recarga. “Thanks to our strategic alliance with Qwello, we achieve a greater penetration in the charging market, accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles and contributing to the decarbonization of mobility in Spain”.

ACCIONA Energía joined the electric vehicle charging market at the end of 2021 with the development, operation, and maintenance of fast and ultra-fast charging points located on the main interurban routes, through its business unit ACCIONA Recarga. The company diversified its offer of charging points though its alliance with Qwello in September 2022, promoting the development of public charging points in urban centers in Spain.