• Its responsive design ensures the perfect display of any given page on different devices.
  • Flaunting a clear-cut graphic design with every last detail perfect, in which audio-visual content is the main focus.

ACCIONA Construcción has renewed its image and IT accessibility through a new corporate website, intended to improve the browsing experience. One feature of the new website is its clear, well-thought out visual image that, from the very first levels, will enable the user to gain immediate access to the information, from both mobile devices and those with higher screen resolutions, like desktop computers, etc.

With this design, the key feature of the new website is audio-visual content: videos, computer graphics and photographs, which provide immediate information on the multiple activities of ACCIONA Construcción. Through a social hub, the contents of social networks are also integrated in real time on the relevant pages. Moreover, cross-selling of content has been developed to facilitate searches for information and increase the length of time spent on the website.

On this basis, the main innovations featured on the new ACCIONA Construcción website are:

  • Development of corporate Videos to offer an up-front and current presentation of the company’s works, its past major construction projects and the commitment to sustainable development, which is one of the cornerstones of ACCIONA.
  • In accordance with the company's transparency policy, we have developed the page ACCIONA Construcción by the numbers, which includes the most relevant economic data. Thanks to this, anyone accessing the website can see at a glance just how important ACCIONA Construcción is in the industry and the leading position it enjoys internationally.
  • A section has been created to include detailed information on all the Specialised Business Divisions of ACCIONA Construcción: Bridges, Roads and Special Structures; Railways and Tunnels; Ports and Hydraulic Projects, Engineering and Other . This section shows how the Business Divisions offer support to a wide range that covers the entire value chain of the Construction business. The Areas of Activity also include a list of  “Flagship Projects”. If, on the other hand, a more global overview is required, the company’s presence  In the World can be reviewed, and the emblematic works developed in each country, along with the contact details of its main local representatives.
  • A search function has also been added for Acciona Construccion Projects that, starting with a user-friendly map-based search, brings up specific information on each of them.
  • At Acciona Construcción, we take full responsibility for our role in the social, economic and environmental changes taking place across the planet. This is why we consider it essential to explain our Sustainability strategy, which takes concrete form in the Sustainability Master Plan: a roadmap  setting out Acciona Construcción's strategic and operative objectives through to 2012, incorporating all of the Company’s initiatives in this field.
  • Another distinguishing feature of the company is its identity in terms of Innovation, which originates in the Technology Centre based in Madrid. More than 100 professionals work at this centre, dedicated to improving construction processes and incorporating new, more efficient technologies and materials into our works. In each of its Efforts in Innovation, the company’s hallmark is to apply the most advanced, environmentally-friendly technologies in all aspects of construction.
  • The Press Room has become an open space, where people from all walks of life involved in communication (journalists, bloggers, followers, informers and customers) can access photographs, videos, publications and the latest news about ACCIONA Construcción. Different areas have also been created in which to download photographs and videos, particularly for the media.

The new ACCIONA Construcción website is the result of an in-depth dialogue with all departments and professional teams of the company, which have been involved both in generating the content and analysing the needs and preferences of our future users.

In line with the ACCIONA Construcción accessibility commitment, the new website has achieved level WAI-AA in the W3C (Web Accessibility Initiative) in all its content.