• The first trials with self-driving earth transportation equipment for use in construction are scheduled for 29 June
  • The use of machinery of this type in infrastructure construction will improve worker safety

As part of its focus on innovation in construction processes, ACCIONA is conducting pilot tests with driverless heavy construction machinery. The first tests with the Dumper 773F self-driving dump truck will take place on 29 June at ACCIONA's machinery pool in Noblejas; the tests will simulate real site conditions (obstacles, travelling loaded and unloaded, tight turns, route changes, etc.).

The first trials will be conducted with the Dumper 773F, an autonomous version of the standard dump truck used for moving earth on large infrastructure construction sites. The truck is 4.3 metres high and over 10 metres long, with capacity for 50 tons.

This technology will shorten infrastructure construction times, increase productivity and reduce accident rates by avoiding situations of risk for workers. Machinery of this type is expected to be in use on real projects within a few years.

Self-driving machinery will be particularly advantageous in situations of risk, such as where a bulldozer is working on a steep slope or where a dumper is moving earth repeatedly along the same route.

This ACCIONA initiative is part of the company's process of digitalising construction processes, by introducing innovative developments such as big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, connected objects, 3D printing, mixed reality and blockchain into what is generally a very traditional industry.