• ACCIONA and the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico (CFE) are continuing with their joint program to develop renewable electricity generation projects in different places in the country, as per the Memorandum of Understanding they signed in October 2015.

As its part of this work, the CFE carries out surveys to assess wind power resources and sites where projects can be implemented, together with the necessary feasibility studies. These include engineering, environmental, social impact, archeological and interconnection surveys.

For its part, ACCIONA supports the CFE’s work in a series of phases, such as the design and monitoring of wind resource measurements, the installation of additional measuring stations and feasibility studies to specify the projects.

ACCIONA and the CFE have agreed to explore possible areas of cooperation in the development of other infrastructures to develop a sustainable power grid in the country, within the framework of Mexico’s ongoing Energy Reform.

ACCIONA President José Manuel Entrecanales and CFE Director-General Dr. Jaime Hernández met recently to review the projects in progress and agreed to continue with their joint work and drive environmentally-friendly projects.

By driving these kinds of renewable energy projects the CFE reaffirms its commitment to the generation of clean, more environmentally-friendly energy.

ACCIONA also restates its commitment to Mexico in this way. Indeed, it recently held its first Board Meeting outside Spain there.