• ACCIONA has begun work on the second phase of the New Container Terminal at the Port of Cadiz

ACCIONA has begun work on the second phase of the New Container Terminal at the Port of Cadiz.

The contract, worth 54 million euros and awarded by the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz, includes the extension of the quay from the current 510 meters to a total of 1,100 meters, with a draught of 16 meters. The area of esplanade will be increased by around 10 hectares, resulting in a terminal with a total area of 40 hectares dedicated to container traffic.

To build this new section of the quay, ACCIONA will construct eight reinforced concrete caissons, each more than 63 meters long, 24 meters wide and 20.5 meters deep, equivalent to the height of a seven-storey building.

The project will take 28 months to complete and is expected to be completed by mid-2026.

The contract is part of the project “CADIZ CONTAINER MULTIMODAL TERMINAL AND LAND ACCESS. PHASE II”, co-financed by the European Commission through the 2021 call of the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) funds. The award of this project represents an important milestone in the promotion of port development in the region, as it will not only represent a significant advance in port infrastructure, but will also mean a substantial economic injection for the city in the coming years.



This project, aimed at strengthening logistics capacity and promoting maritime trade in the area, reflects ACCIONA’s strong commitment to sustainable development and the continuous improvement of port infrastructures. Investment in advanced technologies and environmentally friendly practices will be a key pillar in the implementation of this project.

The new container terminal will not only increase the port’s operational efficiency, but will also generate economic opportunities for the region, creating jobs and stimulating local growth.