• The plant provides a service to a population equivalent of 240,000.

ACCIONA Agua has won the contract for the operation, conservation and maintenance of a number of water treatment plants (WWTPs) in Seville (southern Spain), the biggest being San Jerónimo, owned by EMASESA.

It will also cover the San Jerónimo I & II and El Manchón rainwater pumping stations, the wastewater and rainwater pumping stations on the right bank of the river Guadalquivir (El Muro, Guadalajara, San Juan Norte and San Juan Sur), the CEFORA wastewater and chlorination plants and the El Ronquillo pumping and wastewater plants.

In total, a population equivalent of 240,000 people in the northern area of Seville will be served. ACCIONA Agua strengthens its position in Seville through this contract, as it already manages the WWTPs of Mairena and El Viso del Alcor on the western side of the city.

The contract began on April 1st and will run for three years, extendable for a further two and a half years. The proposal by the UTE (temporary consortium) – made up of ACCIONA Agua and SAV-DAM with a 50% stake each – represents revenues of 6 million euros. This figure will almost double if the contract extension is granted.

The San Jerónimo WWTP consists of the Norte 1 and Norte 2 plants, with a combined flow of 90.000 m3 per day and three lines (Water, Sludge and Gas). It could provide a service to a population equivalent of 350,000 people. The WWTP was built in two phases  - the first in 1984 and the second in 1991 – and treats wastewater from the northern part of Seville, the Isle of La Cartuja and the towns of La Rinconada, San José de la Rinconada and Alcalá del Río. It is the second biggest WWTP in Seville in terms of flow rate and pollution load. The El Ronquillo WWTP is a smaller facility associated with the contract. It serves a population of around 1,200 people, but has the capacity to cover a population equivalent of 2,316 inhabitants.