With estimated revenues of 22.5 million euros, the company will supply –among others- the Puerta de Hierro and 12 de Octubre hospitals.

All the energy supplied by ACCIONA will be 100% from renewable sources.

ACCIONA Energía has been awarded the supply of electricity to 12 hospitals in the region of Madrid and other health centers that come under the regional administration. The company will supply a total volume of 316 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of 100% renewable origin up to July 2016, with estimated revenues of 22.5 million euros.

The contract with ACCIONA, through its subsidiary ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, represents 43% of the energy put out to tender by the Ministry of Economy and Treasury of the Region of Madrid to supply a number of centers and services with high voltage electricity. The total power figure between February 2015 and July 2016 will be 730 GWh.

Among the centers supplied by ACCIONA are hospitals: Puerta de Hierro, 12 de Octubre, Getafe, La Princesa, Fuenlabrada, Gregorio Marañón, O’Donnell Maternity, Infanta Cristina, Infanta Sofía, Universitario del Tajo, Universitario del Henares and Infanta Leonor, as well as a number of specialist centers and the region’s Ophthalmological Institute and Rehabilitation Institute.

All the electric power sold by ACCIONA is completely renewable, with a guarantee of origin certified by the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), so it contributes to reducing emissions that cause climate change. Specifically, the energy awarded under this tender will help the company to avoid the emission to the atmosphere of 303,676 metric tons of CO2 generated by conventional coal-fired power stations.

“We are very pleased that the Region of Madrid has joined our portfolio of clean energy customers, an area where we already supply to other services such as Metro de Madrid and Canal de Isabel II Gestión”, says  ACCIONA Green Energy Developments Managing Director Santiago Gómez Ramos. “Contributing to the use of renewable electricity by hospitals in Madrid is also a positive step forward to creating a healthier environment for people to live in”, he adds.

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments supplies renewable electricity to major customers in Spain with an estimated volume of around 4,000 GWh in 2014, making it the biggest marketer of 100% renewable energy in the country.

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments’ customers also include major industrial and service companies such as Aena, Canal de Isabel II Gestión, Metro de Madrid, Acuamed and Coca-Cola Partners.

The marketing of power to large customers is a business area in which ACCIONA – a world leader in the development, construction, exploitation and operation of renewable energy facilities – completes the company’s presence throughout the energy sector value chain.