• ACCIONA, through its subsidiary ACCIONA Construcción S.A., today announced a takeover bid for 49.91% of the shares of the Polish construction company Mostostal Warszawa S.A., which it does not already own.

ACCIONA is currently the reference shareholder of the Polish company with 50.09% of its share capital.

ACCIONA's takeover bid totals 9,981,267 shares of Mostostal Warszawa held by minority shareholders at a price of PLN3.45 (€0.81) per share. The amount offered represents a 28.7% premium over the volume weighted average price of the last six months.

The subscription period starts on 23 July 2019, and is expected to end on 21 August 2019.

If the takeover bid is successful, ACCIONA plans to delist Mostostal Warszawa from the stock market in order to simplify the group's structure. The company is currently listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

ACCIONA, as reference shareholder of Mostostal Warszawa since 1999, has supported the development and operations of the company. Greater integration within the ACCIONA Group will allow Mostostal Warszawa to strengthen its business strategy and future growth.

Santander Bank Polska-Santander Brokerage Poland has been appointed agent for the transaction.


About Acciona

ACCIONA is a global group that develops and manages sustainable infrastructure solutions, especially in renewable energy. It business spans the entire value chain, from design and construction through to operation and maintenance. ACCIONA’s goal is to lead the transition towards a low carbon economy, bringing technical excellence and innovation to all of its project to design a better planet. With a presence in more than 40 countries and sales of €7.510 billion in 2018, the company is committed to contributing to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates. 

About Mostostal Warszawa

Mostostal Warszawa is one of Poland's leading construction companies. Mostostal Warszawa develops projects in all key sectors of the national infrastructure market. Founded more than 70 years ago, Mostostal Warszawa closed 2018 with a turnover of €182 million.



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