• ACCIONA Energía helps children through projects on education, food security and the promotion of wellbeing.

  • Coinciding with World Children’s Day, we present standout social initiatives to favour children in many countries.

Every 20 November World Children’s Day, also known as Universal Children’s Day, is held as a reminder that all children have the right to health, education and protection, regardless of where they are born. To celebrate the event, we would highlight the 30+ social initiatives in favour of children that ACCIONA Energía has implemented worldwide in the communities located near its projects.

SDG 4: Quality education

Contributing to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promoting learning opportunities at an early age is a priority of the social projects implemented by ACCIONA Energía. Several training projects have been set up to foster educational activities in different parts of the world. The Pre-KSTEM and STEM programmes in the United States are continuing for yet another year, with a more comprehensive teaching approach in science, robotics and engineering, together with annual study scholarships. These are similar to those offered in South Africa, Australia and Mexico -in the last-named country for learning English-.

Given the vital importance of education in South Africa as the basis for the country’s future development, the multi-lingual literacy programs using the “Spell It” methodology and the Complementary Development Programme with Mathematics and Physics are continuing. Schools have been renovated and equipped with educational materials, and this has also been done in Ukraine.

To support musical education, we have continued with the cultural project in Poniec (Poland), equipping the town’s children’s and youth orchestra with instruments. In the academic field, the online educational support platform Mercury has been set up, aimed at Primary schoolchildren.

In Spain, a series of talks will be held shortly in schools located near the Sierra Brava floating photovoltaic plant to create socio-environmental awareness around renewable energies. In the vicinity of the El Cabrito wind farm summer camps were organised for young people from centres for minors, and other similar initiatives on education and leisure activities that are respectful of the environment will be started soon.

SDG 4: Zero hunger

ACCIONA Energía has once again partnered the Tiger Brands Foundation (TBF) to help to combat child hunger in South Africa, providing breakfasts for children on school days. Furthermore, the National School Nutrition Programme offers pupils one healthy meal a day with a view to achieving better school performance, reducing truancy and better health and wellbeing in general.

Another programme supplies the orphanage at Izmail (Ukraine) with essential foods for children’s development and growth, and to encourage them to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

SDG 3: Health and wellbeing

Improving the health and promoting the wellbeing of children at an early age are the principles that have led to the implementation of socio-sport activities in Chile, improving children’s sporting and social skills. In Ukraine, a programme to refurbish the orphanage at Izmail has been implemented, installing air conditioning in the children’s rooms. In South Africa, the Kinderkinetics therapeutic programme continues to help children with a high level of foetal alcohol syndrome and poor school performance.

All these initiatives, which are part of the company’s Social Impact Management programme, contribute to improving the quality of life of children in the communities where we operate.